(December) MBA Chai Wala Net Worth 2022

Everyone dreams of being a successful businessman or millionaire. But due to lack of understanding and hard work, they cannot become any of the above. There is a saying that “If you have a mind, you will go to Malve” MBA Chai Wala also entered the tea business with a rush and became successful. Through this article we will give information about the net worth of Prafull billore aka MBA Chai Wala.

Short Biograpy Details Of MBA Chai Wala

Real Name Prafull Billore
Age 26 Years 10 Months
Birth Date 14th January 1996
Birth Place Dhar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Profession Businessman (Chai Wala)
Father Sohan Billore
Mother Mrs. Billore
Brother Vivek Billore
Wife Shreya Billore
Net Worth 3.4 Crore
Education MBA Drop Out
Instagram Profile @prafullmbachaiwala
Facebook Profile @prafullmbachaiwala
Twitter Profile @Prafull_mbachai
Website https://www.mbachaiwala.com/

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Who Is MBA Chai Wala

MBA Chai Wala real name is Prafull billore. And they belong to Dhar village in Indore district of Madhya Pradesh state. His father’s name is Sohan Billore and his mother is Known as Mrs. Billore. Praful was born on 14th January 1996 in a village called Dhar (his native place). In 2017, he started his MBA dropout work and UPSC preparation. But finding failure in that too, he started a cup of tea. He succeeded in his 50-day effort and jumped into the tea business. In recent times he is a successful businessman and is also popularly known as MBA Chai Wala.

Who Is MBA Chai Wala

MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

Prafull billore aka MBA Chai Wala is a successful Indian businessman. And as of December 2022, his net worth is 3.4 crores.

Income Source of MBA Chai Wala

Prafull billore aka MBA Chai Wala started tea business in 2017. His business became very successful and spread all over India. Recently MBA Chai Wala has more than 200 franchises in 50 cities. Income source of MBA Chai Wala is only tea business. He earns income by giving franchise. Recently, the franchise price of MBA Chai Wala is around 15-20 lakh rupees.

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